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Sichuan Pengyun Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional service platform integrating business planning, design, and construction services. It was founded by many senior architects, builders, designers, and artists in China. Focus on the planning and design of space for preschool education, medical care, hotels, offices, and other offices, as well as integrated services such as flexible assembly, intelligent engineering, air conditioning, fire protection, and feng shui.

Pengyun has always been pursuing a new and excellent business model of customized design, successfully breaking the vertical barriers of the design of the building decoration industry, and providing customers in many industries with tailored planning, design and engineering 360 ° comprehensive The solution strongly promoted the horizontal transformation of the traditional building decoration industry and made a positive contribution to the development of the cultural and creative industry structure.

At present, the company has a scale of more than 300 people, and has a team of 26 senior design elites, 5 second-level architects, and 19 project managers, providing sufficient talent guarantee for the effectiveness and quality of each project. In the next few years, our company will further enhance and consolidate the company's advantages in the commercial design market and construction, with the goal of achieving "industry leaders".

  • Integrity service company supported by innovative design and precision craftsmanship

  • Business philosophy: customer satisfaction can prove our value

  • Service principle: customer first, company second, personal third

Pengyun team

Experienced, energetic, talented and dynamic team

A group of experienced, energetic, talented and energetic design team. It currently consists of 16 design elites, with a design experience of more than eight years. Its design pays attention to details, boldness, science, and clever design and post construction. The perfect combination shows the rationalization of space utilization and the perfect display of the business environment image, and effectively transforms the customer's consumption behavior into high-return business investment behavior. It extends the traditional decoration to business promotion and business planning. Integration.
    Pengyun becomes the control department, constantly improving the quotation system, based on the customer's perspective, everything is customer-centric, accurate quotation, so that the decoration cost is transparent, the least money is spent, and the best decoration is done.
      It consists of skilled technical staff, 110 existing technical staff, 5 second-level construction engineers, and 8 project management staff. Each project management staff is a first-line technical staff upgrade, ensuring that each site will never be outsourced. The effectiveness and quality of each project is guaranteed.
        Pengyun Material Purchasing Department purchases the most suitable raw materials for customers, eliminates the need for intermediate dealers, saves costs for customers, and develops new building decoration materials, which are reasonably applied to projects and provide guarantee for each project.
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