Pengyun decorates Luofu Mountain rafting trip for all staff!

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In order to promote the corporate culture, strengthen the cohesion of the company, further stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and enthusiasm of the employees, increase the sense of belonging of the employees, and give the employees a good rest and relaxation, physically and mentally. Expanded Luofu Mountain rafting training.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, I went downstairs to prepare for departure, and arrived at Miaoyang Luofu Mountain Drifting Area at about 11 o'clock. Luofu Mountain Drifting is located to the east of Zhuming Cave in Luofu Mountain Central Scenic Area and has convenient transportation. The source of the river originates from the Cricket Scenic Spot, one of the seven major scenic spots of Luofu Mountain. The river water is clear, clear, and fish and shrimp are visible. The two sides of the river channel extend from north to south, and it looks like a dragon swimming in the water.

Luofu Mountain has a rafting length of 5 kilometers and a rafting time of 2.5 hours. Tourists travel down the river in a rafting boat, with red flowers and green trees along the way, winding paths, strange stones and weeds, and a lot of weather. It is a natural oxygen bar in the primitive, wild and mysterious crawling promenade.

Because of the weather, it was already raining when we first arrived at the destination. The scenery on both sides of the strait was beautiful, and the water was misty, just like in fairyland.


△ Start to prepare


Instant splash and splash


Everyone has drifted together


The water battle started




The scenery on rainy days is also unique


△ After two hours of rafting, both body and mind are relaxed. Life is not an adventure every day, but you may receive a cup of drifting tea at any time.


This rafting event ended perfectly, and Pengyun Decoration will continue to strive to be better.

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